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Have you been searching the web for a health insurance plan? Search no more! The MediSource team specializes in the best Arkansas health plans for both individuals and families of all ages.

Whether you’re in need of a short-term policy that will cover you a couple months or you need a low-cost, underwritten major medical plan that offers excellent benefits, you’ve come to the right place.

Short-Term Insurance Plans

We all go through transitions in life, but often times, our health insurance doesn’t make the transition with us. If you need health insurance for days, weeks, or months, a limited duration plan is a great solution.

If any of these resonate with you, a short-term insurance plan may be the perfect fit:

  • ✓ Recently off a parent’s plan
  • ✓ Waiting to become Medicare eligible
  • ✓ Recently graduated
  • ✓ In-between jobs
  • ✓ Temporarily without coverage for any reason
  • ✓ Waiting for the next open enrollment

A short-term plan, also called a limited duration plan, can be bought at any time throughout the year. You don’t have to wait until open enrollment to be covered! This option is available to anyone between the ages of 6 months old and 65.

We have options ranging from a very short-term plan that lasts from 30-88 days to a renewable-term plan that can last as long as 3 years.

  • ✓ As low as $500 deductible
  • ✓ 20% coinsurance
  • ✓ $1 million policy benefit
  • ✓ Possible prescription drug benefits
  • ✓ Premiums as low as $2 per day
  • ✓ Discounts with thousands of AR doctors

Low-Cost, Underwritten Major Medical Plans

Finding excellent health insurance that doesn’t break the budget can be a challenge, but at MediSource, we have tried-and-true solutions for individuals and families. If you don’t qualify for a government subsidy, you’ve likely seen that marketplace insurance plans are shockingly expensive. However, we have access to excellent major medical plans that cost about half of what Obamacare plans do for those who can pass medical underwriting.

You really can obtain the most cost-efficient plans available in Arkansas.

  • ✓ Free preventative services
  • ✓ Free visits to your primary care physician
  • ✓ Free routine vision coverage
  • ✓ Discounts with thousands of AR doctors
  • ✓ Access to a free discount program
  • ✓ Prescription drug coverage
  • ✓ Safety net that limits your annual costs
  • ✓ Free quotes!

Our low-cost major medical plans are loved by thousands of local Arkansas residents, no matter their age. If you do qualify for government subsidies, our team can help direct you toward what you need to do to obtain a subsidized plan in the marketplace.

Don’t search any longer for a health insurance plan. Our experienced team of licensed agents here at MediSource have access to the absolute best health insurance options in Arkansas, including Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield and QualChoice.

Get low-cost health insurance today!

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